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Interested in outside faucet repair? We do that. Need to install a brand new outside faucet? We do that too!


We highly recommend our Service & Install Packages. Check out more options below.


Yes, it's that easy.

Product and installation are included in the price!


This typically takes between 1 and 2 hours.  

Your outside faucet has many names. Hose bib, outdoor faucet, outside faucet, the dogs drinking fountain. Anyway, it's an important part of your home. Especially if you plan on watering plants in your yard, filling up the swimming pool, and some counties even require a hose to be within a few feet of your outdoor fireplace/firepit when it's in use. 


Only you know if you have the skills to get the job done. Keep in mind, though, that a licensed plumber has special training and expertise. Weigh potential savings against the risk of a leak or other problem. Typically replacing an outside faucet requires cutting some drywall. We can cut drywall no problem. Although, when it comes to having your drywall replaced, we do not currently provide these services. Also, there's typically some pretty technically skilled soldier work involved when installing your outside faucet. It's usually located close to the studs in your home and anyone soldiering that close to studs runs the risk of catching the home on fire. We recommend using fireproof fabric around these areas. Access panels might already be in place in your home.


Remember to have your hose bib winterized before freezing temperatures occur to avoid any leaks. Our installation packages include the removal and replacement of your existing outside faucet. Although further plumbing work may be required and is subject to additional charges.    

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